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December 9, 2019

Of Cops & Robbers: The COP 25 Can't Afford More Copouts!

Permafrost is thawing, the Arctic is melting, methane is releasing, habitable land masses are decreasing, ancient bacteria is stirring, Refugees are fleeing, species are disappearing, politics is seething, nations are bleeding ... and we're all feeling ...???

Before the 12 Days of Christmas came the 12 Days of COP, with Madrid hosting this year's COP25 in an increasingly overheated Emotional climate where everything and everyone now seems to be inflamed.

As if Climate Change weren't enough down here we're repeating the mess up there: Space Waste. Floating debris from dead satellites and other space junk which doesn't (necessarily) disintegrate is creating a ring around the world which looks nothing like beautiful Saturn's and is far more hazardous to our atmospheric air space because ... we live here, not there. Is this the next "Spaced Out" frontier? As Above So Below?

Meanwhile back on Earth ... Love Thy Neighbour? Beautiful concept until your neighbour becomes a desperate foreign invader whose entirely degraded nation lands at your doorstep unannounced and demanding. Holding a sense of benevolence in the face of violence spawned by large swaths of Humanity desperate for survival is a benevolence skillset most of us have little practice in.

Musical Chairs was a fun game as a child because even if your seat was swiped from under you, you could still go home. But when your seat is your home ... when an entire country's chair is yanked with the next environmental catastrophe ... when the very event on behalf of the environment itself - the COP25 - is upended by upheaval from people displaced by civil unrest (in Chile), and like a vagabond must scramble to find their seat in the musical chairs ... when millions of Environmental Refugees are forced to flee from their seat to yours - and not just from flooded island nations, parched desert regions, or war-ravaged ones but also developed cities and financial centres who are sitting ducks on a fragile coastal line, like NYC ... then the global game becomes a hi-stakes, deal-breaking, climactic climate changing game-changer.

What happens when the sole remaining seat is the very one we're ALL seated on: Earth?

Mother (Nature) is warning us. Father (Time) is clocking us. And we have innovative solutions to eradicate much of this if we act responsibly and fast. So what's taking us so long to clean up our act? Where's the Paris Agreement when you need it? Why don't we ALL react?

To save the Eco-system we need to change the Ego-system.

More than ever, The Road to Paris is about a Road to Pairs. But in a world of chaos gone chaUs this road needs some mighty rePairs. Being a COPout is no longer an option and we need more than just Climate Agreements & Accords. We need an Agreement to change the Emotional Core.

We need to deep dive into the very roots that created this dysfunctional global family of orphaned nations hurtling through Infinity on a tiny spit of land called Earth - all hungry for the same ultimate thing; a sense of comfort, purpose, worth.

All for One or None for All. That's the name of this challenging new sustainability game. But temperatures are rising and so are tempers, in an increasingly overheated Emotional Climate.

If Abnormal is the new Normal then the Science is now in: we also need Soul.👼

Of Soulmates & Roommates & Housemates & Playmates … Mating Season is on. Time to turn this partisanship-of-fools around before it runs its global Shipmates aground.

Sure ... the Power Players flew to COP on heavy carbon footprints for another round of what some will call COPs & Robbers, robbing the world of sustainable innovation that's been unnecessarily withheld for too long. But "Climate Change" aka "Global Warming" aka "6th Mass Extinction" aka John Kerry's "World War Zero" aka whatever name-du-jour we call it ... has made it abundantly clear: something is awry here.

We can blame Leaders of Nations & Corporations or we can help them steer the change with a remarkably savvy and simple global governance tool called Simpol, which unshackles them from the centrifugal force of DGC (Destructive Global Competition so named by its founder John Bunzl) that's held they and us all hostage by default. Because even if they wanted to act alone, and on behalf of their better angels concerning those make-or-break global issues (Environment, Economic Disparity, Education, Cyber Security - and the elephant in the room, Governance) they're straightjacketed. They simply can't without enormous fiscal risk which places their nation or corporation at a competitive disadvantage and jeopardises millions of lives and livelihoods who depend upon them.

To effectuate massive, rapid change on behalf of Climate Change, Leadership needs to sidestep divisive global gridlock and act together - simultaneously.

Countries are both families and big businesses, ideally ensuring that profits are forthcoming and that the solvency of the family members is enduring (theoretically). We know there are many countries not defined by these ideals. But the fault lies in the system, and the programming, and in epochs of poor societal parenting and patterning which begins at home and exponentially grows.

From families to localities to communities to societies, most are embedded with untenable seeds of separation, division, domination, protectionism. The model for Competition is outdated and the way in which we're raised - multiplied by the billions - breeds the Leadership we find ourselves too often criticising and demonising; one which may someday render us all potential Climate Refugees.

Simpol not only unshackles the constraints imposed upon Leadership by a failed system in deep need of rebooting ... but its non-partisan approach respects the sovereignty of an individual nation's cultural and domestic policy.

Climate Change is about more than just the weather. It's about whether or not we work together to change the Emotional climate.

This is the root of nearly all our global ills. These are the seeds of change we need to nurture - because even if we avert the crisis, what's the point of living in a world that's environmentally clean ... if it's environMentally mean?

From the Me Generation to the We Generation the Youth Generation has inspired the ReGeneration. Time to get cliMate®friendly and carbon neutral. Time to reduce the vitriol with Simpol's savvy global governance tool. Time to restore the forgotten love story between Nature & Human Nature - and do so with some cliMates® and this funky music video:

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