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September 5, 2021

Pandemia? Pangea? Weathering Togetherness is a Dance that Takes Practice!

Enraged. Fearful. Weary. Tearful.

That's how many in our global dysfunctional family now feel.

Engaged. Mindful. Grateful. Kind-full.

That's also how many now feel.

So which is it - the former, the latter?

It's about neither one nor the other.

It's about one another ...

Our irregular, uncoordinated dance steps have been fraught with insistent missteps due to misperceptions about who on earth we all are — individually & collectively. So we step on each other’s toes incessantly, tightly bound to our separate dance steps from our separate silos, which leaves little wiggle room for healthy growth.

Nothing like a worldwide growth spurt whose adolescence brings tough “adolessons”, thanks to a virUs that connects Us.

If only we could get our act together and dance to the beat of a singular drummer long enough to temper the overheated Emotional temperature — and allow for something Greater.

Much Greater.


Something exSITEing is arriving in Autumn!

LOOK! ... at the flyer's video

LISTEN! … to the podcast interview

LIVE! … with a catchy new tempo to help harmonise our emerging world - in the precioUs key of We.

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