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March 21, 2020

The CoronavirUs NexUs

If it's a choice between this ...

... or this ...

... this ...

... or this ...

... is it really a choice???

The markets have plunged. And markets course-correct. Why Don't We?

In a world of chaos gone chaUs that feels ever dangeroUs, the CoronavirUs becomes impetUs to paUse ... to reflect ... to course correct.

Systems are broken. So are our spirits. And the legacy of DGC (Destructive Global Competition, so termed by John Bunzl, founder of stunning global governance platform Simpol) is at breaking point.

That a microscopic organism can bring the mightiest Leaders of Nations & Corporations to their knees ... that it can render an entire planet immobile in an unprecedented heartbeat ... takes us viscerally and virally to a place no man has ever gone before nor should ever wish to revisit.

Our existence hangs by a filament. It always has. But it's now moved from conceptual to truly palpable. Relying on a tired and untenable storyline of DGC has become our make-or-break legacy.

When the virus eventually subsides and a hopeful cure swiftly follows, more crises will probably ensue. They'll become harder and harder to stave off given our prolonged and impossible pace. It catches up. It boomerangs back in our face. So it's imperative for more than just Systems Change to be put into place. It demands a change of attitude about the world around us ... and within us. If we resume business as usual dressed in a nifty and innovative new guise on another rung of the spiral, we will not survive.

Earth will.

Corona has made it abundantly clear across the continental divide, that when an issue is pressing enough - like the imminent and massive threat to our collective health (not selective, as in "that country way over there in that seemingly remote worldwide corner") - Leadership will mobilise at the speed of light to make change. It may be chaotic. It may be imperfect. But the will to change is nonetheless exerted.

The unpredictable external environment is dramatically shifting. The climate has natural historic cycles but its acceleration and intensification is a disruption mostly induced by prolonged and extreme industrialisation, with long term consequences that have become myriad yellow warning lights before possible deluge.

Warming temps and extreme weather conditions will be more prevalent and unleash dormant bacteria and other unforeseen events that could broadside us like this virus. Couple this with our swelling global population living in increasingly uninhabitable regions, themselves compromised by climactic environmental shifts and ensuing socio-political upheaval, and we're back in viral territory.

Yes, it is natural for individuals and nations to recoil from each other in self-protection ... as much as it is natural to also reach out. This is neither conundrum nor paradox. It is the nature of our Human Nature to need both. Ergo; appropriate global border controls, and local manufacturing, and an appreciation that the necessity for both global and local is inherent to the successful functioning of the whole. It's called Balance. And this planet is not. And it is the fault of faulty misperception about Economic solvency and National Sovereignty which have contributed to widespread environMental and governMental breakdown.

The global body is a metaphor for the individual. In breaking a leg, many other parts of the body rally their cells in infinitesimal ways to compensate, to accommodate. This is part of the successful recovery (coupled with whatever medical intervention is also necessary). Similarly, conducting the health of the global body involves caring for its totality amongst the nation states as well as implementing their local legislation. It is no more a choice between Global or Local than it is a choice between a leg and an arm.

Corona becomes a crowning moment to exemplify this and reorient our collective compass inward.

In such uncharted waters and under the stewardship of current Leadership or divisive partisanship, our fragile worldwide ship could indeed sink.

It's time to acknowledge the mess of our humanness and use this dramatic global pause to self-reflect:

* we need love - and we compensate for lack of it by overconsumption and power mongering

* we need to feel worthy - and we compensate for lack of it by ramrodding each other personally and professionally to achieve whatever "more" we believe we need

Capitalism need not die. Only the timeworn mechanisms and mindsets that have taken it to extremes. There is no magic solution for inequity. The world will continue to be imbalanced and unfair. But we can minimise some of this, tip the scales more toward centre, play a bit more fair.

We need to foster new Leadership with Healership. We need to seed it from Within. We need to instil it in families and spread it to communities. We need to nurture it within societies which grow it virally into a global family of continental cousins who are utterly unique yet incredibly and vulnerably the same.

Stewards of Healership now have a visionary global governance tool at their disposal to implement change - to course correct. It is Simpol, timely, and in the hands of the many it can flourish exponentially. In the hands of Leadership it will generate CGC (Constructive Global Competition) which is a much broader-based and sustainable win-win for nations and their economy:

<red>The greatest threat to Humankind is a lack of Humankind(ness). It's also our greatest immune boost :-). Let's take this rare, angst-ridden, yet much needed breath (which we've always shared unconsciously) and start to breathe it conscientiously ... to course- correct collectively. Taking stock of this is capital, and our greatest investment.<red>

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