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March 5, 2020

VirUs: The Coronalisa is cause for introspection not further infection :-)

The greatest threat to Humankind is a lack of Humankind(ness). It's also our greatest immune boost ...

What does it feel like when Earth is temporarily closed for business? Is getting united via a Coronavirus the best we can do???

A world of chaos gone chaUs has a virUs that offers impetUs to paUse for a moment of reflection in this worldwide weirdness of connection - and perhaps induce a transformative introspection.

Maybe Synchronistory's music-inspired, televisionary "B'earthday" Party for the Planet is still a ways off ... but the message is ever clear that we're ever near to this global moment of connection and reflection (thus far, borne of fear).

With abundant ingenuity across the worldwide community, what will it ultimately take to break a tired legacy of connection through catastrophe rather than creativity?

It's nobody's fault we were all born without a conscious choice or a User Manual. It's nobody's fault we were born into a global dysfunctional family of orphaned nations hurtling through Infinity on a tiny spit of land called Earth, all hungry for love and a sense of purpose and worth.

VirUs; as in how will we ride the tail light of this warning light which is yet one more wakeup call in the never-ending bombardment of global challenges afflicting the human mess that is our humanness? There are practical precautions we need to adhere to. However the greatest threat to Humankind is the lack of Humankind(ness). This is also our greatest immune boost :-).

That said, take whatever measures are being recommended but above all, reduce consumption of toxic media feeds that fuel the fear which leads to mental indigestion which triggers emotional disruption which clouds clarity and destabilises equilibrium - all of which compromise the immune system and spread virally (because we're influenced by each other consciously or unconsciously).

Now more than ever, let's steer Leadership towards Healership.

We're in an adolescent global growth spurt. And these are tough "adolessons". Like a muscle that atrophies without constant workout, the worldwide emotional fitness program also needs constant care - because when this virus gets under control (and it will) will we make the classic mistake we always do and resume business as usual, dressed anew?

Wherever you are, whomever you're with, isolated in our togetherness ... take this rare opportunity of Take Five and angst-ridden global community to reconsider what kind of world we truly want to be. Use this down time to uplift the insides. Take a breath from this fast global clip to reconsider that we can rewire this mess of our humanness ... together.

Wakeup calls come in waves large and small. And sometimes they come in a musical call which goes viral, perhaps because it touches the mUsic in us all. Thanks, Jack Buchanan & Family, and Viet Nam, for their below music vid reminders to stay cool while we're jittery and fidgety about the insanity of our Humanity ... and to move through it with a different vibe.

Let's privately kick up our heels and dance this virus into low gear ... and boy-oh-bouy our immune system knowing it won't be the last time we're reminded how fragile those lines that both divide AND unite.

And let's use each time as a seed for Humankind(ness) to go viral (while washing those hands and clearing that global mindset) :-).

Much TLC, and see you at the future Party ...

Sync BIG! Planet Person


global know-mad

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