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It takes courage to look oneself in the eye and see more to life than meets the “I”. Love is what the world yearns. Sync helps us discern it.

Let’s get Spaced Out & Tuned In … about worlds beyond us — and worlds within.

In 2020 the world united in real time for the very first time; as uninvited guests to a catastrophic “mask-erade” fete no one wished to attend. The global body was broadsided and blind-sighted. Pandemic forced us to reassess this colossal mess of our humanness ... from the “insight out”.

Now we’ve reached an existential crossroads of inordinately complex challenges. A birth on earth whose “b’earth” contractions intensify while grappling with the possibility of our civilisational demise. A struggle like no other that extends to the very cosmos.

As Above So Below? Hopefully ... No!

One day history might no longer repeat itself due to catastrophes that so eclipse our ability to rebound. Can we survive the histrionics of our historically troubled mind … and storyline? Can we rewrite it conscientiously and in time? Can we turn hardship into heartship, citizenship into kinship, leadership into healer-ship – and steer Spaceship Earth from sinking … to Sync-ing?

Synchronistory® invites us to try, with a precious resource we’ve undervalued and misused like air and water itself: the power of our imagiNations to drive conscientious innovation, cooperation and collaboration.

In a post-pandemic world of geopolitical riddles and environMental health issues, of bold new discoveries and struggles to recover, it can feel exhilarating, painstaking, exhausting.

Helping Humanity transition from a possible 6th Mass Extinction to a 6th Mass Evolution with the regenerative power of edutainment and music – this is Synchronistory®’s heartfelt event mission.



These are extraordinary times. And Sync is no ordinary Party. Become an Active Supporter;  as a Sponsor,  Angel Investor, or Celebrity Endorser.


These are extraordinary times. And Sync is no ordinary Party. Become an InterActor. Help us interact with / network to key glocal markets and media outlets.

Inner action

These are extraordinary times. And Sync is no ordinary Party. Become an Inner Activator by bringing self-care to your awareness – and inspiring this in other party guests.
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