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Earth has been poorly marketed. So has Humanity in sanity. Time for a bright new collective story … and a party that helps us liberate it.

2029-30: a yearlong pre-launch, the New Year’s Eve global broadcast event, biennials thereafter.

The word “party” is associated with frivolity and festivity (or political parties). But as times dramatically change with A.I., environMental health issues, and earth's relationship to the very cosmos, so does the meaning of “Human Being”. It’s sobering, yet inspiring. Now our world-defining times also include party time ... with a refreshing new definition for “party” paradigm!

Thus far, earth & space have been competitors on a (largely fiscal) cosmic stage. That’s about to change, as they become co-stars sharing centre stage in an unprecedented edutainment spectacular showcasing the face of our Global Selfie from its “good side” in real time.

Synchronistory® invites the world to a music-propelled, interstellar, Party for the Planet celebrating us all – broadcast live from simultaneous event sites worldwide!

Great innovations and civilizations come and go. Yet our species itself is now at risk due to misperceptions (and missteps) about the world around us, and within us. Climate Change isn’t just about the weather. It’s about whether or not we work together to change the Emotional Climate, root of nearly all our global ills.

The cosmos is an enthralling living organism within which earth & species are bit players in a staggering celestial show – all at the affect of one another. As multiplying environmental crises become existential environMental ones in a potential As Above So Below, a monumental gesture to bring us together is more urgent than ever. And a multi-continental music event to upshift planetary health has never been more relevant.

Sync’s musiCall to Action, Interaction, and Inner Action invites Unity & Diversity to creatively “partycipate”. The stage is everywhere. The stars are every being. And an audience doesn't just come to an event – they become it! By evoking astronaut Edgar Mitchell's Overview Effect while invoking a captivating Inner-view, Sync sets the stage for healing edutainment and will rock this planet while stirring the soul.

Party time belongs
to everybody
and everybeing.
Let’s get
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