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By using the power of our imagiNations to make history in synchronicity with Synchronistory®; a music-propelled, interstellar, globally broadcast B’earthday™ Party for the Planet celebrating every living being!

A 2028 yearlong pre-launch with year-end global broadcast event & regional shows thereafter.

In 2020 the entire world became united in real time for the very first time, as uninvited guests to a “mask-erade” fete no one wished to attend. The global body was broadsided and blind-sighted by yet one more in a slew of timeworn manmade or natural catastrophes. It jolted us in different ways, forcing us to reassess the mess of our humanness – this time from the “insight out”.

As we rehab our way toward a new normal and the fog slowly lifts, it's clear that things are no longer the same and the success of healthy-enduring change depends upon something far more conscientioUs.

Great Innovations like great Civilisations come and go. Archaic structures fail us, ill-equipped to cooperatively transition us. Now our species itself is at risk due to misperceptions about the world around us – and within us. Growing an individual or a nation is one and the same. Polluting the planet and its atmospheric airspace with toxins or toxic thinking is as well.

Climate Change isn’t exclusively about the weather. It’s about whether or not we work together to change the Emotional climate – multiplied by everyone. This is the root of nearly all our global ills.

Beyond the headlines and borderlines that define who we think we are, there's a horizon waiting on the sidelines to re-mind us who we truly are. But how to find this backstage world when our centre stage has stolen the spotlight?

Breakdown? Breakthrough?

We're born onto the earthly stage of Life. We celebrate our birthday individually. Some of us have a birthday party. But we as a global family of multiple species have never celebrated our collective existence – our birth on earth – with a “B'earthday™ Party”!

Now Planet We goes televisionary, starring Every Living Being in a dazzling, music-inspired celebration about us all – broadcast live worldwide! Cacophony becomes symphony and our planet becomes a vibrant Global Selfie with an audience who doesn’t just come to an event – they become it. The stage is everywhere and the audience itself is star as Synchronistory® rocks the planet while stirring the soul.

A monumental, multi-continental music event has never existed to uplift our worldwide planetary health. In creating this enthralling, interstellar, edutainment experience (with permanent show installations in different countries thereafter), we evoke astronaut Edgar Mitchell's Overview Experience and invoke a captivating Innerview Experience of resonance … and perhaps momentary transcendence.

The Cosmos is a living organism within which Earth is a living organism within which Humans are living organisms within which we’re all part of a gigantic celestial body at the affect of one another. As multiplying monumental environmental concerns become existential environMental ones, the benefits of a grand gesture that touches the populoUs vis a vis the Cosmos becomes a potential “C’osmosis” – a rare tipping point.

Sync's musiCall to Action, Interaction, and Inner Action amplifies, vivifies, and fortifies our sense of Unity while underscoring our unique Diversity, addressing these timeless questions and tireless quest with breathtaking eloquence, relevance, and music-propelled performance.

Mother (Earth) is watching us …
Father (Time) is clocking us …
Join us at this precipice … for a potential event(ual) miraculoUs!

Party time belongs
to everybody
and everybeing.
Let’s get
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