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Temperatures are rising and so are tempers ... in an overheated Emotional climate. Apart from? A part of? The former got us into this mess of our humanness. The latter can get us out; in a Global Warming event to warm the heart and give us something sUstainable to Sync about!

Something heartwarming is on the horizon and you’re invited to make it inspiring. The invitation is now open to Everybody on behalf of Every Being … to welcome a hope-filled future world with Synchronistory®’s B’earthday™ Party Celebration!

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Competitions & Award Shows are fine. But now a worldwide Reward Show nears its prime. Let’s get Spaced Out & Tuned In … and shine the spotlight on every living being!

DestiNation: Humanity in sanity. AlieNation is out. ImagiNations are in!

There is only one show in town of which nearly 8 billion earthly stars are desperate for their starring moment on the stage of life. They upstage each other. They act up. They’re alienated from Self & Other — and a multiplicity of other species whose stage they also share.

With every step of escalating geopolitical, environMental, socio-economic crises and more, we dance through a mind-blowing mind-field of reactivity, stepping on each others’ toes and risking to extend our missteps from Earth to the very Cosmos. Which way Civilization goes will be driven by the bravado of our “lesser" selves as co-stars vs our better selves — our higher selves.

Welcome to the mess of our Humanness.

The competitive Space Race is already full throttle. And as much as we may thrill to it and even need it, we've barely begun to regulate it. With rogue space missions on dark sides of moonlit nights … with billions of particles of space debris orbiting our atmosphere and collisions that could impact terra firma even minimally, where are the breaks?

Sometimes it feels like Baby has the keys to the Ferrari and is driving us crazy. This is the alienated state of our world, and the mindset that perpetuates it.

Across Time & Culture (and perhaps worlds beyond) Ancient Wisdom suggests “We are One”. This has never been more transparent than in 2020 – 2021. It's also revealed how different we are within that One.

A world divided? A world united? A world undecided? Or maybe a world broadsided, lopsided, and blind-sighted. Nationalism vs Globalism … Individuality vs Community … our global dysfunctional family-of-a-species is constantly at war about Either Or. Yet we're so much more! Must manmade or natural catastrophe always galvanise us in Unity? Is this Humanity's ultimate legacy?

We can do better!

The global storyline is constantly changing. Yet it's still the same old story dressed in a different costume on a another set of history's spiral. We're born onto the stage of life without conscious choice or a user manual. We improvise our roles-of-a-lifetime from a script that's passed down by our predecessors, and a series of Leadership Directors (and sometimes dictators) who can themselves be misdirected.

All of us are winging it in one form or another in hopes of winning approval. We struggle to outperform others or our self-imposed drive for success stories. And when we eventually exit the stage of life, we mostly do so without having truly engaged it.

Humanity in sanity is a strong brand worth fighting for yet we’ve been beneficiary to an imperfect legacy in which “doing life” is passed down en masse by equally unaware predecessors. It now leaves a confused global culture at critical juncture.

So let’s shine the spotlight on the face of our Global Selfie from its “good side” with Synchronistory®’s interactive, music-inspired, otherworldly edutainment experience!

Lights, Camera, Action, Interaction, Roll sound …

* Of SynchroniCities & SynchroniStories: every party guest has their unique story from somewhere in the world. What's your city? Your story? Think about this — Sync about this — and maybe you’ll be featured in a future PR campaign.



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Inner action

These are extraordinary times. And Sync is no ordinary Party. Become an Inner Activator by bringing self-care to your awareness – and inspiring this in other party guests.
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