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When was the last time you were invited to a party that spanned the globe, was attended by a few billion, transcended time, culture, politics, religion … and celebrated “calm-araderie” amongst every nation & sentient being?


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Birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, graduations, housewarmings, baby showers, jubilee festivities, cultural traditions. We celebrate them all and the biggest of all; New Year’s Eve.

Humanity in sanity. AlieNation is out. ImagiNations are in!

We need each other. And we need a sense of belonging to nurture well-being. Not everyone is a party animal. But we're all “social animals”; a communal species for whom meaningful connection inspires the human condition. Yet amidst tech connect & disconnect ... fusion & confusion ... and the very notion of what it now means to be human ... what's the point of celebrating anything when the future forecast seems anything but encouraging?

Temperatures are rising and so are tempers, in an overheated Emotional climate that's created an environMental crisis. Apart from? A part of? The former got us into this mess of our humanness. The latter can get us out.

The late great astronomer, Carl Sagan, gave us the heavenly stars. The Ancient Greeks gave us an earthly star (Odysseus). And the late great mythologist, Joseph Campbell, gave us a term:
The Hero’s Journey. Odysseus embarked on his; an epic voyage of personal courage and ultimate triumph in the face of mythic trials & tribulations.

Beyond an individual’s journey, however, lies the collective. Humanity’s Hero’s Journey has been ongoing since millennia. We've been fighting adversity and aggression – mostly by our own instigation. Without addressing this conscientiously, we’re courting an Act 3 finale. That is beyond Greek Tragedy — that is nothing short of self-inflicted catastrophe. Will that be our species’ greatest legacy?

There is only one show in town, of which 8 billion earthly stars wish to be seen and heard on their Stage of Life. All the world’s a stage, yet we constantly upstage each other. We act up. We're alienated from self & other and a multiplicity of other species whose center stage we also share. Alien civilisations are living amongst us — they are us.

With every step of escalating geopolitical / environMental / socio-economic crises, we’re dancing through a mind-field of reactivity that risks to misstep us straight into the cosmos. Which way civilisation goes depends upon who’s running this showdown-of-shows; our lesser selves or our better selves? That, as Shakespeare states, is the question.

We have partied publicly or privately for every reason under the sun except the most profoundly life-changing one: we are ultimately One. Not the same. Not identical. Just One; a staggering eco-system of variety, complexity and beauty.

Synchronistory® is a Party for the Planet celebrating every sentient being — broadcast live from simultaneous event sites worldwide! From packed stadiums to intimate gatherings, from national and cultural identity to our sweeping cosmic community, the wizardry of technology allows us to share airspace (without being in each others' faces). Sync’s continental event stages vary in size and topography. They celebrate the spectacular diversity of Nature & Human Nature with a mesmerising, unifying party vibe.

Time to rock this planet while stirring the soul with a catchy new tempo that steps less on each others’ toes. Out with the (destructive) old. In with the (inspiring) new. Let’s shine the spotlight on our Global Selfie and make history in synchronicity with YOU.

Lights! Camera! Action! Interaction! Roll Sound ...

* Of SynchroniCities & SynchroniStories: every party guest has their unique Hero’s Journey. What’s yours ... your city, your story? Think about it (Sync about it) and maybe you’ll be featured in a future PR campaign!



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Inner action

These are extraordinary times. And Sync is no ordinary Party. Become an Inner Activator by bringing self-care to your awareness – and inspiring this in other party guests.
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