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Every great party starts with great party planners, offers great party favours, and depends on a great guest list.

Nature & Human Nature … that’s our forgotten love story.
Be it simplicity or simple luxe, here are conscientioUs party favours to remind us.

concious community

Every Primate needs
a cliMate® for an environMentally friendly world!

What’s the point of a world that’s environmentally clean, if it’s environMentally mean?

When it comes to the Climate Crisis we’re all cliMates®

Nature & Human Nature … that’s our forgotten love story.

Wear the love and see’d the change … for a more environMentally friendly Planet We.

Will you be my cliMate®?

concious Luxe

We’re connected … to each other and to our dazzling earth. Being good to Nature is good for Human Nature.

Synchronistory® is more than an event experience. It’s a way of thinking and being. It’s about harmony; within oneself and the world. It’s about individuality; within our global community. It’s about the symphony of Nature & Human Nature and illuminating the precious Earth which both births and lends meaning to our forgotten love story.

Synchronistory® celebrates the interplay of our vast and varied planet with J’aimestones® fine art jewellery, reminding us that the elements in our terrestrial realm nourish that of our spiritual realm, and vice versa.

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