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It takes courage to look oneself in the eye and see more than just what meets the “I”. Love isn't always discernable to the naked “I”.

Let’s get Spaced Out & Tuned In … about worlds beyond us — and worlds within.

We feel vulnerable exposing ourselves to how needy we are of this most essential emotion. So we bury our human fresco throughout epochs & eons with overlays of script & wardrobe changes to insulate ourselves from such profound craving.

Cradling an infant or an infant nation – much less an infant world of infinite longing – can be a healing baby step toward a new storyline that re-writes Act 3 finale with an Act We rally. Cultivating inner i-sight invites compassionate insight about the Human Condition and just how fragile yet connected we All are.

We’ve reached an existential crossroads. A struggle like no other. A birth on earth whose “b’earth” contractions accelerate and intensify in real time for the very first time – and for which we have precious little time.

One day history might no longer repeat itself due to catastrophes that so eclipse our ability – or the planet’s – to rebound. Can we survive the histrionics of our troubled historic storyline long enough to rewrite it with unparalleled consciousness and conscientious inventiveness? Can we reinvent the wheel and turn Hardship into Kinship … Citizenship into Friendship … Leadership into Healer-ship?

Can we steer our Spaceship Earth from sinking … to Sync-ing?

Synchronistory® invites us to try. The skill and the will to reimagine ourselves is available to us now. And not by default, by conscious design. With no assurances our world will endlessly endure nor even should, why not enhance our experience of life for that indefinite duration and future generations by reacting … with a resource we’ve undervalued and underutilized like air and water itself:




These are extraordinary times. And Sync is no ordinary Party. Become an Active Supporter;  as a Sponsor,  Angel Investor, or Celebrity Endorser.


These are extraordinary times. And Sync is no ordinary Party. Become an InterActor. Help us interact with / network to key glocal markets and media outlets.

Inner action

These are extraordinary times. And Sync is no ordinary Party. Become an Inner Activator by bringing self-care to your awareness – and inspiring this in other party guests.
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