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June 10, 2024

From Ai to Hi (Heart-official intelligence), time to get Hi on Life!

From Ai (Artificial intelligence) to Hi (Heart-official intelligence), time to get Hi on Life with Sync's epic Party for the Planet celebrating every sentient being – broadcast live worldwide!

That Said :-) ... there's concurrent angst and exhilaration about the vices and virtues of artificial intelligence and its impact on the human condition.

Are we on the precipice of being replaced by that which we created? Or that which we hoped might save us (as in “alien” intelligence from our possible self-imposed annihilation)?

When our curious-clever species ventures into non-human territory directly affecting our psyche and the very future of our humanity, it begs a humbling question: does baby have the keys to the Ferrari and is driving us crazy?

Her” was a 2013 film starring Joaquin Phoenix as an average guy who falls in love with his personal ai, played by Scarlett Johansson. It offered a prescient glimpse into the real waters we now sink or swim in.

From ancient conquistadors to modern day zealots, rules-regulations-boundaries-and-borders have been crossed and broken before. That's why we enact laws. From the American Constitution to The Outer SpaceTreaty, vulnerability vs. invincibility are tested by our ongoing sense of human decency.

Business Insider has an interesting take on the subject.

Sunil Malhotra's compelling new book, “YOGAi, Interplays of Yoga and Ai”, connects the dots between our human nature and our newfound evolving bot-nature. Maybe we're on the brink of birthing our better nature?

Here's to innovation flourishing and healthy competition thriving. And here's to probing the mysteries of life and space with foresight & insight ... lest we forget the human in our humanity and the H(eart) in our I(ntelligence).

P.S. Thanks to the alchemy of A.i. and H.i., this image of bot-love created by “us” (but the post was written by RealMe :-)).

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