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January 7, 2021

Global Reset: Breakdown Breakthrough & the Toxic Cocktail of a Capitol Hill Coup

If a toxic cocktail of pandemic, economic downturn, racial injustice, and a climate crisis haven't been enough for Humanity ... perhaps a Coup-at-the-Capitol will make us drunk with sobriety.

No matter which side of the geopolitical divide, there is ultimately only one side if our world is to survive nee truly thrive. Capitol Hill's Leadership influences that of our fragile global Citizenship; either keeping it afloat as beacon of hope ... or helping it further sink.

From Top Down (Leaders of Nations & Corporations) to Roots Up (The Voting Public) John Bunzl's global gov platform SIMPOL - The Simultaneous Policy is a stunning tool with which to redress the worldwide playing field by addressing the complexities and constraints of DGC (Destructive Global Competition), the needs facing nation states and their citizens' inflamed emotional states ... and how to accommodate for competition in this emerging state of emergency that has become our Global Reset.

Synchronistory's 34 years of party planning for a "global moment of connection & reflection" was prescient given 2020's lockdown legacy and its seeming unending tail light. Yet Sync was never predicated on our historic propensity for manmade or natural catastrophe, but rather consciously designed Creativity.

So consider COVID a bad dress rehearsal. And as we get drunk on sobriety, perhaps with very hard won hope, we can restore Humanity in sanity with a tool that's as savvy to use as it is Simpol - narrated by Academy Award Winner Mark Rylance:

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