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April 10, 2024

Incite or Insight? An Insight-er’s View of the World.

Enraged. Fearful. Weary. Tearful.
That’s how many in the global dysfunctional family now feel.

Engaged. Mindful. Grateful. Kind-full.
That’s also how many now feel.

So which is it — the former, the latter?
It’s about neither one nor the other.

It’s about one another …

credit: “Pale Blue Dot” / Carl Sagan

Our irregular, uncoordinated dance steps have been fraught with insistent missteps due to misperceptions about who on earth we all are — individually & collectively. So we step on each other’s toes incessantly, tightly bound to our separate dance steps from our separate silos which leaves little wiggle room for healthy growth.

Nothing like 2020's worldwide growth spurt. Our adolescence brought tough “adolessons". If only we could get our act together and dance to the beat of a singular drummer to temper the overheated Emotional temperature and allow for something Greater. Much Greater.

With so many diverse destiNations on Earth, how to inspire collective self-worth? How to rally a global community of multiple nation states & diverse emotional states? How to divest their harsh incliNations and find a common tempo we can all dance to? With powerful imagiNations – in an epic, music-inspired, globally broadcast B'earthday™ Party for the Planet celebrating Every Living Being!

Synchronistory® is a musically transformative event-phenomenon, broadcast live worldwide. Featuring locals & luminaries, on-location venues & virtual, interstellar elements & inner … Sync coalesces our planetary lustre to show us our essential relevance to Earth, the Cosmos, and one another.

mUsic lives within Us all.

From books to songs to films to conferences to plays and workshops and innovations and International Space Stations, exciting endeavours blossom across our colossal spectrum. Like mortar holding us together. Yet without a grand overview-experience, how to fathom the complicated splendour of Nature & Human Nature in this concept we call “Together”?

38 years ago Synchronistory®'s idea of a globally broadcast Party for the Planet seemed unthinkable. Think again. A bumble bee can fly. Yet aerodynamically it shouldn't. They've found water in Venus' atmosphere. Yet till recently they insisted we couldn't.

A years-long period of “Brexidents” and Pandemics and Pentagon UFO admissions and toxic Climate emissions … have us shellshocked, mistrustful, and world-weary. All for One or None for All has become our seismic wakeup call. Will we respond? How will we respond? Or will we go numb and succumb to the gravity of our tenuous situation, allowing gravity to spiral our spiritual musculature back into habitual contraction?

The dance steps are getting painfully tricky. But the pebble-in-the-shoe is not “out there”. It's at our doorstep, in our very footstep – urging us to shift perceptions about the world around us and within us.

Maybe we've never done a Sync event because no one said we could. Maybe we never tried to heal our planetary yearning for love because no one said we would. Maybe we never expressed our unique individuality as part of a global community because no one said we should.

Shoulda woulda coulda – Sync is only as impossible as the Cosmos is, because we're the very stardUst that created Us. So what's stopping us from recreating ourselves … in the most imaginatively uplifting, astonishing sense?

Have we had our fill of manmade or natural catastrophe? Are we exhausted by Humanity's insanity? Are we ready for an environMentally friendly dance step that moves Humanity in sanity?

From Outer Space exploration to that of Inner Space, let's ensure that wherever in the future we venture it's without the baggage that's burdened our worn-out world to burnout – to breaking point. Let's get Spaced Out & Tuned In with some serioUs fun … in an interstellar B'earthday™ Party for the Planet celebrating Every Living Being.

The Insight-er View

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