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Alison Goldwyn

Alison is an Edutainment Producer, Climate Alchemist, and Communications “GooRoo” engaging media & the creative arts to help change the worldwide emotional climate, root of nearly all our global crises. Alison believes that the gaping hole in our global whole is due, in part, to a disconnect from soul ... and that civilization's healthy maturation hinges on rekindling this timeless connection – before we all time out.

Alison is a multi-talented artist; as a writer (Arianna Huffington /Thrive Global), singer-songwriter (Soul-our Power music video), and producer-podcaster (two-time Nobel Nominee Prof. Ervin Laszlo / Dawn of an Era of Well-Being). During the 2020 pandemic lockdown Alison served as creative director, writer, co-producer and a presenter for the 4 day Source of Wonder online event. It featured 80 Presenters & Artists from diverse global sectors on behalf of uplifting the worldwide community.

She is Contributing Producer for “The Life Changes Show" and Chief Communications & Creative Officer for Cosmic Girls Foundation, supporting the female space generation.

Additionally, she is Founder & Creative Director for J'aimestones® fine art jewellery, a unique global luxury brand illuminating our forgotten love story between Nature & Human Nature with conscious jewels for a precious world.

Alison is affiliated with Al Gore / The Climate Reality Project, two time Nobel Nominee Prof. Ervin Laszlo / The Club of Budapest & Laszlo Institute for New Paradigm Research, Ashfaq Ishaq / ICAF (International Child Art Foundation), John Bunzl's global governance platform Simpol (The Simultaneous Policy) ... and the Cosmos.

As worldwide crises escalate, A.I. proliferates, and the Aerospace Industry races into Outer Space, our survival depends upon shifting perceptions about the world around us – and within us. From Outer Space Exploration to that of Inner Space, Sync's dazzling edutainment experience helps a world of 8 billion earthly stars get “spaced out & tuned in” with a cosmic show that vivifies As Above So Beloved.

Alison's wish is to inspire a thrilling alternative to a possible 6th Mass Extinction event with a 6th Mass Evolution event. Approaching her fourth decade of Sync-ing, she is writing a book-cum-feature film about her nearly forty year escapade party planning across the planet.

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