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Every great party starts with great party planners, offers great party favours, and depends on a great guest list.

When you move the “h” in Earth it spells Heart. And we need more. When you move the hearts of many you move mountains. And we can!

Greatest threat to Humankind is a lack of Humankind(ness). Also our greatest immune boost. Let's spread That virally.

These interstellar party planners are also gifted movers & shakers whose humility and integrity offer their presence … as presents for our sUstainable future.

Fast change comes from the incite out. Lasting change comes from the insight out. And within historic pendulum swings of Reckless & Brilliance dwells a compelling new story about our collective existence; an Interstellar Story of Us that replaces endings with extendings borne of uniquely diverse sentient beings expressing their essence.

But like any good host(ess) knows, a great fete is only as good as its guest list – and this world’s a mess. The Global Body is ill. From the Environment to Economic Disparity to Education, Health, and Cyber Security, key arteries to its heart are blocked. Particularly The Body Politic.

Our coltish adolescence has incited tough “adolessons" with myriad crises now at our our doorteps. Growing up doesn’t mean forfeiting youthful exuberance. Yet redefining our Selves and our boundaries in ways which balance the need for Competition with Cooperation to accommodate a needy world of multiple species and nations … this is our new destiNation.

And it will require all our imagiNations!

Like the human body, the Global Body comprises many individual parts which collaborate to sustain it. A limb can’t be a lung and an America can’t be a China.. Nor should they be. Each are vital in their individuality to maintain the health of the entirety.

Synchronistory® is endowed with the support of hefty party planners representing key global sectors to prime the planet for Party Time. Their presence lends resonance & purpose for a world on the brink of rediscovery … and we are so grateful.


Here´s to party planning the miraculoUs!

Space, Science, Consciousness

Synchronistory® gratefully acknowledges these many vibrant individuals and organisations for whom the word Party Planning has vision and conscientious heft.

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