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Mark Laisure Portrait

Mark Laisure

Producer & Co-Host The LIFE CHANGES Network, Servant Leader

Mark is an entrepreneur, inventor, and inspirational speaker whose contributions have resulted in numerous awards including; A Prime Time Emmy for technological innovation in flm & television processing, R&D 100 award (The Oscar's of Inventing) and BusinessWeek Magazine's Product of the Year award. His focus is on experiential immersive technologies and providing intuitive strategic guidance in navigating the massive changes in today's environment.

Mark spent his early career on Wall Street as principle with Firms such as UBS, Paine Webber, and Wellington Shields & Co. He has been a guiding force within several start-ups, takeovers, and turn-arounds; Inktomi Corporation (acquired by Yahoo!), Emmy Award winning Teranex (video processing), Mesh Networks (mobile wif, acquired by Motorola,) Theseus Logic (clock-less semiconductor, acquired by Camgian,) Skycross (award-winning antenna technology) Zeros & Ones, Inc / Voyant Intl (digital convergence) and ONEHOPE Wine (cause commerce.)

As Producer & Co-Host of The LIFE CHANGES Show and Live Event Series he sheds light on the value of sharing and embracing Change in order to "do life better." Informed by his own life lessons of loss and triumph, Mark has learned that wisdom is gained through experience and perseverance amidst challenging life moments. Though success can be seductive and empowering, personal growth truly emerges from setbacks and swerves. His life coaching emphasises that this is where insight is truly discovered, and authenticity ultimately realized.

Additionally, Mark serves on the Board of Directors of Vortex Immersion Media, the world’s leading designer of transformative 360 immersive entertainment experiences. Dubbed "Community VR," Vortex live concerts, stage shows and experiences feature surround video & audio, spectacular visual efects and real-time interactivity. The company is on the frontier of a new events genre tailored for these times, bringing the “empathy generating” Dome format to the Arts & Entertainment and Sports venues worldwide.

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