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Mila Popovich Portrait

Mila Popovich

Founder & Director EVOLving Leadership

Mila Popovich is a global transformer. She is the voice of new standards and ethical leadership in the fields of science and technology, education, economy, and democratic systems. She is an academic, author, speaker, and artist. As a contributor and advisor on board of highest-ranking global organizations, she is ushering a new era of human development and leading the evolution of social values.

Mila is the Founder of EVOLving Leadership – program and consultancy for transformational leadership. She develops the potential of individuals, organizations and communities for superior performance. Mila is a Member of theExecutive Committee of the World Academy of Art and Science and the Chair of the Academy’s Nominations Committee. She is appointed the Head of Research andDevelopment on the project Global Leadership in the 21st Century by the United Nations Office at Geneva and the World Academy.

Mila’s work is sourced in three major domains: systems sciences and integral knowledge, psychology of transformation, and anticipation and future studies. In her workshops and transformational labs, Mila teaches the science of accomplishment and the art of fulfillment and designs distinctive synesthetic experiences for awakening individual and collective genius.

She draws on her cultural range from native Montenegro and resident USA for her artistic expression as an awarded performing artist in multiple dance forms, bilingual poet and experimental theater art director. She is an educational and social innovator and creative entrepreneur – a social artist sourcing her divers engagements as an academic, artist and activist to engender social transformation and systemic change for individual and collective thriving.  

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