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Manuel Engler

Graphic Designer, UI/UX Designer, Web Developer

Hi everyone! 👋

I am thankful to be part of Synchronistory®´s amazing journey for many years now.

I don´t know what exactly Synchronistory® will become  – but what I know: I am inspired by Alison´s energy and joy she brings to the world every day. Her positivity, her endeavour to unite people (all beings, really) on this planet – this is not only impressing but also impactful and very powerful. Synchronistory®´s vibes radiate out to the world – to whoever is ready to receive and amplify, to bring us all together eventually.

Who am I?

10 years experience in agencies and another 10 years with my own company are now merging into my new vision: – authentic branding & next-level websites.

I believe that every business, every product or every service is unique. There are always real people behind it. Individuals. Human beings. And all of us have a peerless core within us. My attempt is to reveal this jewel within a company or business idea and make it shine. This guides me to find truly tailor-made solutions for every client. Because they deserve it and it simply works best to reach their goals.

While I love to work on my own, I love even more to work with others! Therefore I am happy to have a supportive team of freelancers around me: Designers & developers, copywriters, marketing experts & consultants, photographers, SEO & SEA experts, production companies, ... – to scale up if needed and form individual teams for every project.

Based in Munich, Germany, my life journey also brought me to Indonesia where I was living for 3 years and where I met my fiancée Astri. Together we are now establishing our home base in both countries.

Cheers to all of you out there! ☀️

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