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Janet Ivey-Duensing Portrait

Janet Ivey-Duensing

CEO & Creator, Janet’s Planet | President, Explore Mars

Janet Ivey, creator of Janet’s Planet, is committed to enriching the lives of children via education, live performances, TV, and online programming. With over 27 years in children’s entertainment and education, Janet has captivated Nashville and beyond with her work. She has received 12 Regional Emmys and 5 Gracie Awards for her children’s series, Janet’s Planet, airing on 140+ public television stations nationwide as well YouTube, BatteryPop, Minnow and HighBrow in the UK.

Janet is a NASA JPL Solar System Ambassador, President of Explore Mars, Inc, on the board of governors of the National Space Society and has won a STEM-FLOR-IDA Award for the Exploring Microgravity educational video about gravity and microgravity which she wrote and produced for Space Florida. Janet’s Planet is a dynamic and fast-paced series geared to 6-11 year olds focusing on Science, Space, History and Health.

Janet grew up in Covington, TN, a little town 45 minutes north of Memphis, TN, birthplace of Isaac Hayes and the Charms Blow Pop. She played astronaut on the playground, watched Star Trek, and loved going to her friend Carol’s house because she had walkie-talkies that made playing astronaut and Star Trek even more fun. Janet credits her fifth grade teacher, Ms. Ernestine Yarborough, for inspiring her. Ms. Yarborough hosted a star party in the fall of 1978 where Janet had the chance to look through a telescope for the first time. Witnessing a strong and beautiful female role model who knew so much about stars and planets began Janet's life-long love affair with the cosmos.

Part artist part scientist, Janet believes that Art and Science deserve to be taught side by side in concert with one another. Janet earned her Bachelor’s in Music & Theatre from Belmont University and is working on her credits for a Masters in STEAM education (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math).

As a tireless advocate, educator, communicator and female role model of STEM/STEAM for children, she has mentored countless young people all over the world and is committed to sharing the joy of exploration and discovery, embodying a female science mentor for the next generation of women in Space & Science.

The mission for Janet and Janet’s Planet is and always will be manifold; to encourage science literacy in young people globally, to stand in their magnificence, to inspire future generations to use their innate intelligence and creativity to create a better future via STEAM … and to enrich the lives of children via Art & Science, multi-media Education and intelligent, informative AWE infused programming focused on space exploration and planetary science.

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