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Garry Jacobs Portrait

Garry Jacobs

Chairman & CEO WUC / President & CEO WAAS

Garry Jacobs is an American social scientist, educator, international business consultant and author with over 40 years’ experience applying a human-centred, value-based approach to address global challenges related to peace, governance, sustainable development, education, and human security.

As Chairman of the Board and CEO of the WorldUniversity Consortium USA), he is promoting a new paradigm in global higher education designed to deliver affordable and accessible world-class higher educational opportunities to youth around the world.

As President and CEO of the World Academy of Art & Science, he is working with the UnitedNations to development catalytic strategies to address the global leadership vacuum, strengthen the multilateral system, eradicate nuclear weapons and develop integrated, transdisciplinary solutions to human security needs.

As President of The Mother’s Service Society, a social science and educational research institute in India, he has worked as consultant on many programs to accelerate economic and social development, including a plan to create 100 million new jobs within ten years.  

He is also a member of the Club of Rome working on issues related to economy and sustainable development.

His business consulting experience includes assignments for small, medium and large corporations in USA, Europe and Asia, including both long-time industry leaders and fast growing young companies. He is coauthor of two books on business management, several reports to the UN, a spiritual novel, and hundreds of research articles and reports.

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