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Suzanne Hubbard Portrait

Suzanne Hubbard

Artist & Author

I grew up understanding evolution is evolving through us. I wondered what exactly is evolutionary about humans when most of what we create is manifested independently rather than interdependently—the way Nature coevolves. I consider what deeply attracts me / us an evolutionary impulse beyond a personal yearning. On the surface, focusing on raising my children, weaving tapestries, and gardening does not look like they serve a larger purpose. I noticed how hearing and reacting to an inner calling was love-motivated. Becoming love-guided had the strange effect of revealing a shared universal self, affirming an ecological truth: we are mutually related and mutually defining. This awakening transformed the way I think and live my life. Responding synchronises a mind-body-heart, multi-perceptual consciousness. This is how evolution can evolve through us, unobstructed by separated thinking in nonintegrated lives. Today, I act in response to a maternal instinct. I wish to show that our lives have agency to heal and transform. An organic personal conscious evolution embraces an innate potential to respond to the web of life—the shared universal self, a new beginning for all.

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