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Dr. Michael Hils Portrait

Dr. Michael Hils

Partner ADVANT Beiten Law

Dr. Michael Hils is a partner at international law firm ADVANT Beiten. His area of expertise comprises transaction taxes for national and international mergers & acquisitions, international tax law, and tax advice for closed-end and mutual funds. His particular focus is on companies in the renewable energy / real estate / private equity and venture capital sectors. Additionally and most recently he serves as an international tax law advisor for corporate and individual-related issues / conflicts.

Michael studied law at the University of Heidelberg and received a doctorate in 2000. He was admitted to the German Bar as an attorney in 2001, to the German Tax Advisors Bar as a tax advisor in 2004, and has operated as a licensed tax law specialist since 2011.

Apart from crunching numbers and defending clients, Michael is a family man with a fondness for travel and foreign cultures which he shares with his wife and two daughters – particularly to countries in Asia and South America where he has traveled on numerous occasions.

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