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Thomas Legrand Portrait

Thomas Legrand

Social Scientist, Sustainability Practitioner, Author

Thomas Legrand is a wisdom’s seeker, social scientist and sustainability practitioner. He is the author of “Politics of Being. Wisdom and Science for a New Development Paradigm”(2022). Holding a Ph.D. in (Ecological) Economics and having studied international development, political science, and management, Thomas Legrand works in the field of sustainability for UN agencies, private companies, and NGOs. His focus is on forest conservation, climate change, sustainable finance, and leadership, emphasizing in particular the importance of inner and cultural development for sustainability. He is currently the lead technical advisor for the UNDP-convened Conscious Food Systems Alliance. He lives with his wife and their two young daughters near Plum Village, the monastery of Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh in the SouthWest of France, his country.

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