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Chris Boardman Portrait

Chris Boardman

Academy Award nominee & multi-Emmy Award winner / Founder & CEO CBMG Enterprises

Beginning his career in the film, television and recording industry in 1974, Chris Boardman has consistently worked at the top echelon of the entertainment industry. He has received an Academy Award nomination for “The Color Purple”, 6 Emmy Awards, 13 Emmy nominations, ASCAP and BMI film awards and multiple platinum records for his work with such iconic artists as Quincy Jones, David Foster, Steven Speilberg, Julie Andrews, Shirley MacLaine, Barbara Streisand, Marvin Hamlisch and Josh Groban.

Well known in Hollywood circles as one of a handful of musicians who can write anything, Boardman’s credits span both industry and genre. Whether it be conducting David Foster’s “World Children’s Day” for television, composing the 70’s inspired score for Mel Gibson’s “Payback”, arranging period dance music for “Swing Kids” and “Meet Joe Black”, orchestrating Anthony Newley’s “Chaplin” for Broadway or producing solo recordings as an artist, Boardman embraces these challenges with characteristic integrity and passion. He is one of the most uniquely versatile and highly respected musicians in the industry.

In May 2018 Boardman finished a six year stint as the Director of the Media Writing and Production program at the acclaimed Frost School of Music at The University of Miami. Boardman was twice nominated for “Mentor Of The Year” honors by The Graduate School of the University of Miami. Continuing his commitment to sharing his expertise Boardman has launched an online education company to continue impacting the lives of those desirous of pursuing a career in the music industry.

Always looking for new challenges, Boardman is the founder of a successful social media content consulting practice and is at the forefront of the fast-moving online media space. His current projects include bringing his talents and expertise to developing The Missing Link project for the concert hall, public speaking and appearing as a guest lecturer at universities across the country and around the world.

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