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GOP26 Cover Edition November 2021
November 6, 2021

Climate change is vital, changing the Emotional Climate is essential, and learning to dance this tricky tango is primordial!

<green>Climate change is vital, changing the emotional climate is essential and learning to dance this tricky tango is primordial to step less on each other´s toes.<green>

We can't fix a broken planet with broken spirits – or minds. So how, then, to rally and align a global community of multiple nation states and complicated emotional states?

Like love, music is a universal language whose voyage can take us to extraordinary destiNations.
It can illuminate worlds around us, beyond us and within us – stirring the very soul of our imagiNations.

Waiting in the wings and backstage of Being is a glorious fresco longing to be revealed. Below epochs and overlays of defiance, wars, false triumphs and mistaken identities awaits another storyline about the majesty of who we truly are:


There is nowhere left to run or hide. The playing field has shifted before our startled eyes. What if we could make history in synchronicity, based on astonishing creativity that rewrites a potentially bleak Act 3 with a renewed Act We?

What if we could showcase the face of our global selfie from its good side, in real time, for the very first time?

The stage is set for Planet We in a breathtaking, worldwide event-experience on behalf of Self, Other, and something Greater: Mother (Earth).

<green>Welcome to Synchronistory®: a music-propelled, interstellar,
globally broadcast ‘Bearthday™ Party’ for the Planet, celebrating every living being!<green>

For the first time ever an audience doesn't just come to an event, they become it – in an entertainment spectacular that weaves dazzling music-driven performance with storytelling, interactivity with locals and luminaries, music with culture, history with fashion, sizzle with soul – live from multiple worldwide (and other-worldly) venues!

Rich innovation is blossoming across the global spectrum, yet we need a new collective dance step to help us keep pace. There is no better time to get to know each other from the ‘insight out’ and embark on a healthier, more sustainable co-existence.

Synchronistory® invites us to deep-dive into uplift and adjust to the tricky new tempo of our human show by turning the compass inward to help us move forward.

Join us in building this inclusive Noah's Ark – this Know-Us Ark – with a remarkable party like no other for a planet like no other!

* please find us on p.28 of MyGreenPod’s November insert for The Guardian's COP26 special edition.

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