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July 10, 2020

Home Sweet Biome ... there's no place like Biome

Want to talk Herd Immunity? Then let's also talk Herd Humanity (in sanity).

#COvid19 is part of a CO vernacular that's both repulsive yet redemptive given it all depends upon whether the COllective COmmunity COoperates on behalf of COexistence as a species amongst many - or further COrrodes.

Home Sweet Biome.

Whatever vaccinated way we might grapple with Virus, there will be further assaults to our immune systems given the environmental breakdown which relates to our environMental breakdown. We are co-dependent, living in a toxic global "atmosFear" that's as detrimental to our health as eating garlic-flavoured glass.

People want a good life. But the competitive gene that lodged in our human legacy like an uninvited guest who thinks its the host, accounts for many failed or flawed decisions, the outcome of which affects large swaths of society.

Leadership's need to heal its untenable DGC (Destructive Global Competition) has been amplified by COVID19 - because like it or not, for better or worse, in sickness and in health, our existence hinges on a pre-arranged marriage to a global dysfunctional family of vulnerable nations - and a range of species we rarely acknowledge.

Now more than ever Leadership needs Healership to steer the rudder of our fragile worldwide Citizenship - something simple ... something Simpol.

The greatest threat to Humankind is a lack of Humankind(ness). It's also our greatest immune boost. Let's spread That virally ...

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