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Justin Ho Guo Shun Portrait

Justin Ho Guo Shun

Sustainability Mentor, Activist Investor

H.E. Sir Justin Ho Guo Shun is a renowned International Business Strategy Leader, multilateral partnership builder, multi-awarded social entrepreneur, change-maker, and cross-border trade business expansion International Consultant. Justin Ho is motivated and committed to global economic progress, sustainable development, and universal peace promotion. He conducts international executive missions for the global innovation ecosystem.

In addition, Justin Ho is a certified Leadership Coach and accomplished Business & Sustainability Consultant with extensive Investment and Public Relations experience specialised in delivering Sustainable Impact in the ASEAN region — this in addition to his role as a World Business Angels Investment Forum Senator for the Philippines, and a member of the Forum’s Ethical Governance, Standards of Excellence, and Quality Leadership Committee.

As a Christian Minister and Bishop deeply involved in Humanitarian work and Leadership Training in the Philippines and Asia, Justin Ho has promoted entrepreneurship among Youth and Women organizations for more than ten years. Multilingual and multicultural, he is also a certified start-up mentor and volunteer with several national entrepreneurial support programs and international organisations promoting their internationalisation. He is a speaker and trainer on ESG, Business Ethics, and Ethical Leadership, leveraging his prominence in the field on his unique and passionate approach to the subject.

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